Best in Demand Tech Jobs in 2022

Contributed by Tracie Johnson

Many industries and companies are shifting their landscape towards a more tech and IT-oriented one. Technological innovation has demonstrated its ability to improve efficiency and productivity in solving our daily problems. This sentiment is widely recognized and has many individuals venturing into this field for career growth. This article gives an insightful look at some of the most viable tech jobs in 2022 for your consideration.

Database administrator and architect

This job entails designing robust systems for data storage and data security. These professionals are able to come up with competent software to manage the data on a database system. They also ensure that while access is regulated, the database is accessible when needed by the authorized parties. 

To be precise, the architect will design the database framework while the administrators will manage the daily operations on the system. These two roles work in tandem to ensure peak efficiency. Many organizations are looking for individuals who can meet these work requirements while optimizing for peak performance. It would be commendable to have a relevant degree, certification, and experience for this job.

Software Developers

Software developers are perceived to be the architects of the future. There is a high demand for these individuals, especially those with experience and an innovative spark. The world is looking for new and innovative ways to solve its problems and these professionals are ideally placed to deliver. 

Their work is to innovate, build, and maintain software systems. In a world where software has a great bearing on efficiency and productivity, there is an apparent need for skilled software developers. This job has a wide scope meant to meet user needs, spanning coding, programming languages, and computer systems.

Data Migration Manager

A data migration manager oversees the implementation of all file migration. These managers, such as those at Cloudficient offer their expertise in EV archive migration for businesses to facilitate content and email archiving. Their job is to ensure migration projects are implemented smoothly. They oversee the integration of information across all your data platforms. 

They also render services in email migration and backups. There is a wide demand for such experts given their contribution to data management for organizations. Many organizations have fast-growing data and need professional aid when it comes to migration.

Information Security Analysts

As industries evolve and become more competitive, there is a need to ensure privacy for vital enterprise information. These experts are brought in to design security systems and manage them for peak efficiency. This job entails the constant monitoring of the organization’s networks to get rid of vulnerabilities. 

They also work tirelessly to ensure the system is secure against risk from future externalities. Individuals with educative backgrounds in information systems and computer science are well suited to this job. Experience in testing techniques and system management is also highly preferred.

Network Administrators

Nearly every company has set up a computer network to support their daily operations. Network administrators are needed to ensure the optimal operation of these networks on a daily basis. Their main focus is on WAN software, LAN software, hardware components, and network protocols. This job can be a bit demanding as it requires frequent maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure network stability and operational computer systems.


Programmers are ideally required to build code to facilitate software solutions. Many firms require these professionals with skill and experience in software development, source code, and operating systems. Programmer’s roles are complementary to those of software developers to ensure robust software solutions.

Web Developer

With the dynamic shift towards e-commerce and online industries, there is a need for professional skills in developing web-based applications and frameworks. Web developers come up with these applications based on industry requirements. They are able to build secure web pages, manage web-based applications and implement web management. Developers with experience and skills in web frameworks and tools are ideal considerations for companies with web-based operations

Information Systems Manager

In this age, many firms are working toward achieving their objectives in information technology. They are often referred to as IT project managers and are tasked with assessing the firm’s technology needs and giving viable recommendations. These professionals recommend technological changes and upgrades to the firm’s executives to ensure optimal incorporation of IT into their daily operations.


The above-mentioned tech jobs are all the rage today. Make sure you make the right decision if you want to get into the tech industry.

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