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3 Ways to Write the Perfect Thank You Note After an Interview


You just left your interview and feel on top of the world. Well, even if that’s not the case but you believe it could be a good fit, you liked the office/facility and hit it off with your potential boss, it’s time to write the thank you note of all thank you notes. Here’s how:


  1. Don’t waste any time. The most time you should wait to send your thank you note is 24 hours. You want them to receive it 2-3 days after your interview. Make sure you have the right address, postage and return address on the envelope. If you’re writing an email, make sure you find the correct email address.

  2. Grab a card. Find a piece of stationery with an abstract painting and/or the words ‘thank you’ across the front. Now, get to writing. If you’d prefer to write an email, that will work too. Keep it simple and use “Thank You” or something similar as your subject.

  3. What to write. Use proper spelling and grammar and make sure to correctly spell the name of whoever you are thanking. 3-4 sentences total will suffice. Let them know you appreciate them spending the morning/afternoon/their time with you and that you are even more certain that you would like to work there. If you chatted about the opera, football or a new movie being released, you can even throw something in there about that (proving to them that you paid attention to the details of your conversation and your personalities are compatible). Sign your letter with a simple “sincerely,”regards” or “best.”

Even you think writing a thank you note is 'old school,' and it very well may be, this is one way to make sure you are remembered.




Hayley Worthman

Post by Hayley

Hayley Worthman is a thirty-something writer, digital marketer and yogi from the suburbs of Boston, MA. She rivals Bartholomew Cubbins in 1000+ hats as an expert multitasker. She loves to travel, eat tacos and slurp down her morning coffee.

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